NerdyCat Designs

Business Owner · Logo Design · Web Development · Illustration · Marketing

NerdyCat Designs is my small business alias I use for managing my freelance web & graphic design projects. Started as a solo project, I have recently began to connect with other freelancers who work in other focuses outside of my own including social media marketing, copy writing, and photography to create a small collective of hard-working individuals that would cater to the online needs of any business. We’re a group of hustlers dedicated to seeing our clients live out their business goals and dreams!

Currently, I am in the process of completely rebranding Nerdycat as a whole to convey a more professional look and truly show the diversity of what I do as a designer. Regardless, even the more masculine clients have to admit my first shot at this was pretty darn cute. I created a simple, mobile-responsive website to showcase my work, my teammates, and my growing repitoire of offered services including web design & development, print design, logo design, custom theme development for WordPress, and even channel branding for Twitch streamers.

Additionally, I got the chance to stretch out my digital art skills in creating an illustration-based web interface. I loved creating the Nerdycat character and bringing him to life to help visually convey all that I do.

I’m excited to further develop this brand and create a more automated experience via the website to better manage my occasional freelance projects!