EB Dance

WordPress Website Redesign · Video Editing

Esther Bramlett is a fellow stage performer in the Austin, Texas area, specializing in modern dance, choreography, and burlesque as well as visual art. Esther approached me with a WordPress.com website that was in dire need of a refresh. She needed something that would visually organize all of her different creative identities under one brand. Using a jewel-toned color pallet I created a color association for each of her creative identities, and gave her an easy to use portfolio website that allowed for each of her projects to be easily organized.

I also created a video trailer of selected works to play upon entry to the site. A dancer’s work is best viewed in motion, and so I thought that this would be a great way to grab her website visitors’ attention and truly showcase her talents.

Esther’s talents as a creative truly knows no bounds, and I was very excited to encapsulate her work into a website that showcased that.

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