DBM Entertainment

Logo Design & Branding · Web Design & Development

DBM Entertainment is the overhead company of local record label Atticus Records. The DBM website was originally the hub of all record sales for the labels, but in early 2016 the Atticus team agreed with my suggestion of moving all sales onto the Atticus website, and doing something else with the DBM website. We decided upon turning the DBM website into a news aggregator for Atticus’ entire network of musicians & podcasts.

For this project, I got to product an experimental user interface for browsing all of the latest news from the DBM network. I used a special WordPress plugin to aggregate news posts via RSS output, and formatted everything into a unique and well-organized front-end news reader. This was a fresh take on a visually-charged interface that rivals the news sites of old with its clean interface and logical reading workflow. The site is also fully mobile response, allowing for users to easily access the website’s content across all devices.