Website Design & Development · Conversion to Divi

Briggo is a specialty coffee company based in Austin, Texas that is taking the tech industry by storm with its innovative robotic coffee haus. The company came to me with a problematic WordPress website that was experiencing a load of issues caused by the theme. With their South by Southwest debut lingering right around the corner, tension was high and the necessity of having a working and fully functional website was a top priority. After struggling to make ends meet with their existing theme, I pitched that we convert their website to something more reliable like the Divi theme from Elegant Themes.

As their previous theme was equipped with a visual builder, it was required that whatever I left them with was a website that their marketing team could fully own without having to be “married” to a web developer to make constant updates. With a growing community to back it and tons of widely available resources on how to use the theme to its full potential, Divi seemed like a no-brainer.

I came up to work at the Briggo offices for a full week to not only completely rebuild their existing website, but also redesign a few of their more problematic pages and do a full design audit on their existing content. After a solid week of hacking, clicking and dragging (and a whole lotta free coffee) I was relieved to finally leave Briggo with a website that was dependable and usable. Additionally, I loaded up their Divi library with all of the pre-made templates they could possible need to create blog posts, team member profiles, job listings and more as well as provided training videos for their team to use as reference.

It was awesome getting to work with the Briggo team on this and I look forward to doing more work with them in the future.